TradeSchool Apprenticeship Software

POS System

TradeSchool ships with a fully integrated Point of Sales System (POS). Invoice your members and students, receive payments, track user balances, debit and credit of sales, offer returns on items, and be able to track sales histories for various users of the TradeSchool system. The POS is fully integrated with the Class Registration system for both apprentices, journeymen, the Product Database that comes built in, the Contractor module, and with our Web Services. Combined with the rest of the TradeSchool system, a completely automated sales and registration solution is created.

Charge for Products, Fees and Class Registration

TradeSchool's Sales module allows you to track transactions for charging products and fees. Products can include books, material, and Class Registrations for apprentices, journeyman, or other members. Receive payments in the form of cash, check, fee waiver, debt-to-be-paid, scholarship, or use the new credit card processing feature.

When you register for classes, TradeSchool auto-fills the invoice with the class Cost Items. Additionally, when you post a registration, TradeSchool puts the invoice number and registration date in the student's record so you can easily identify who has registered and when.

TradeSchool2 has a new credit card processing feature, accepting Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or JCB. Credit card processing is built-in and can be turned on or off from within the TradeSchool settings.

Track Balances for All Members

TradeSchool will always post every transaction to either the user's history, or the contractor's history. This enables you to analyze the detailed sales history for any user - applicant, apprentice, journeymen, instructor, contractor, or other member. Simply click the report, and it will show a member's sales history. You can immediately see whether or not the individual has purchased certain types of products, registered for specific classes, or currently has an outstanding balance with the training center. The balance is automatically updated and maintained by the TradeSchool Point of Sales system, and reporting is effortless, a matter of clicking a single button.

Printing Financial Reports

The Sales module in TradeSchool offers several types of reports necessary to close out your financial statements. Reports include Cost of Goods Sold, Category Reconciling, Scholarship Posting, Category Summaries and Credit Card Charges. Items sold can be summarized by your Chart of Accounts, providing the information needed for single entries into your accounting software. Use TradeSchool's Export to File feature making it easy to import sales data into software, such as Peach Tree and Quick Books Pro. Print visual reports to help reconcile differences between your deposits and daily transactions.

Contractors and Individuals

Sell products and classes to any number of users, whether they are in your TradeSchool system or not! Sell to contractors who may be registering groups of people for classes being held at your training center, a one-time First Aid or CPR class, or a private class being facilitated by your training center. Attach a transaction to an individual or a contractor, and TradeSchool automatically updates the sales history and the current sales balance for the individual or contractor. Transact the cost record keeping for any type of transaction - to any type of individual - all within the same software solution. You have the capability to manage the finances all within your TradeSchool system.

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