TradeSchool Apprenticeship Software

Full Applicant History

TradeSchool offers a powerful Application module. Track applications, transcripts, interviews, and document details throughout the entire application process. This feature also includes tracking aptitude tests, custom qualification tests, orientations and classes. Send batch e-mails and letters to groups of applicants and track their correspondence. All the time-saving searching, reporting, and document management available throughout TradeSchool is also available in the Application module.

Testing and Scheduling

An important part of the application process is scheduling. TradeSchool allows you to schedule and record various types of events, including aptitude tests, orientations, classes and interviews. Scheduling in TradeSchool can be done on an individual basis or in batch groups, making it easy for you to set up dates, times, and locations. Import aptitude test scores, post interview scores and notes, and TradeSchool will automatically generate your ranked lists. Complete the process by utilizing the Correspondence framework which allows you to batch print qualify and non-qualify letters, send e-mails and post to applicants' correspondence histories.


TradeSchool provides a place to store applicants' educational transcripts from high school to the present. College classes, grades, credits, certifications, are all capable of being stored in this module. If an applicant applies more than once, TradeSchool automatically pulls over their previous transcript information allowing you to add additional training information without altering previous data.

TradeSchool is smart. It gives you what you need, allows you to update, but allows you to keep historical information intact.

Archiving and Settings

TradeSchool has a powerful Archiving utility which never moves data from the database. Simply specify that the application has been "archived," and it will smartly hide the archived applicants from your "found set," automatically changing the status and giving you a nice color notification. Whenever you perform finds, or click "show all unarchived," those applications are hidden from your view.

Utilize TradeSchool's flexibility by fixing formulas that automate rankings of an application or determine an application's expiration. Then use the new "Batch Archive" feature to archive an unlimited number of applications with one click, saving you tons of valuable time.

Fully Integrated

TradeSchool is intuitive and fully integrated, meaning an applicant's personal information carries through the whole system. If they apply multiple times, the software remembers them and auto-fills their personal data. Irregardless of whether the person is an applicant, an apprentice, or a journeyman, TradeSchool integrates the data across the board for full and continual up-to-date access.

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