TradeSchool Apprenticeship Software

Classes of All Types

TradeSchool has a training module that allows you to track classes on any topic your training center offers. Classes can be created for apprentice curriculum, application orientations, journeymen continuing education, or for other member topics. All classes can be offered to members or non-members, and can contain a wide array of fields to specify the individuality and specifics of the class.

Students of All Types

TradeSchool provides an easy and organized way to keep track of students according to their type. Each class can contain students belonging to a variety of categories and groups which you decide. For example, a class can contain only apprentices, only journeymen, members, non-members, applicants, or a mixture of student types. Filter your classes by student to report on a specific group. Track how many students of a specific type attended your classes, and communicate through correspondence via letters and emails.

Multiple Grades and Averages

With TradeSchool's multifaceted tracking system, create up to six different fully customizable grades. Each grade can have it's own name, weighted average, and up to sixty different scores. Specify the name of each score in a grade, points possible, and whether or not it should be included in overall average, including accumulative averages of tests, plus the six customizable grades. Grade anything from homework, attendance, to participation. TradeSchool even allows you to override the final grade with a customized decimal grade or letter grade, such as Pass or Fail. TradeSchool makes evaluating performances for any class effortless.

Schedule Details

Scheduling classes and noting class details has never been easier! TradeSchool allows you to schedule classes and evaluate hour requirements, calculate total hours and determine certification eligibility. Print reports and schedules based upon the data you've entered.

Pertinent class information and details can be stored along with your schedule, such as guest speakers, certification for CPR, and other periodic trainings. With these daily class descriptions, you can accurately and efficiently identify students who missed important parts of their training and reschedule them for make up.

Class Costs and Material Fees

Registering for classes is made easy by setting up your TradeSchool software to attach the appropriate fees and costs to any given registrant. Detail line items, and/or set up convenient material fees and cost "groups" for particular classes or groups of students. This will add to the efficiency of registration and the check-out procedure. TradeSchool's Sales module has everything needed to assist in the purchasing and registering of classes.

Attendance and Certification Posting

TradeSchool's Training module saves tremendous amounts of time during the data entry process by automatically posting data to groups of students. Track attendance for each date of class and TradeSchool automatically calculates total class hours for each student. Likewise, set up certifications for classes and TradeSchool allows you to post all class certifications to the individual students' personal histories. Being knowledgeable of who is certified and in what areas is essential in determining educational needs.

Import and Archive Students

TradeSchool allows you to import student information from one section of the software to another when alterations, additions or cancellations occur. This intuitive feature is helping in preventing double data entry. Additionally, by archiving, you can eliminate students who have finished the program, or are no longer in the class so your reports and automated correspondence depict the most current, up-to-date information.

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