TradeSchool Apprenticeship Software
Core Features

Document Management System

TradeSchool 5 now offers convenient storage and organization of any type of document or file via its effortless "Drop Zone" Document Management System. Simply drag and drop any digital file into a journeyman, applicant, apprentice or contractor's record! Dynamic retrieval of these files provide convenient access for ease in viewing and utilization. With TradeSchool 5 now propelling you to go virtually paperless, you're able to streamline your work flow and create a faster, more cost-effective work environment.

Visual Searching

TradeSchool 5's user-friendly search feature simplifies the process of finding data and records with no SQL or prior programming language knowledge necessary.

Whether your search is simple or has multiple or complex criteria, TradeSchool makes it quick and simple by its easy point and click selection process, "found sets" feature, and the ability to create lists, letters and reports with your found information. Unlike other tracking software, TradeSchool is intuitive, fast, and 100% visual!

Intuitive Navigation

Information is organized in separate modules, marked by colorful icons making it easy to navigate through your software.

TradeSchool 5 allows more working flexibility by offering easy tabs to click on and subcategories to drill down for further detailed storage, search, and access. It's intuitive navigation system features the popular "Jump Menu" wherein "found sets" are created and drop-down tabs and menus broaden the scope of information found. TradeSchool 5's user-friendly menu design and intuitive navigation means endless amounts of data can be systematically stored according to your specifications and easily recalled and utilized.

TradeSchool 5, All You Need, And MORE

Our software is an industry leading tracking platform embodying everything needed to fully facilitate and manage the education, certification, reporting, and maintenance of your students and future work force. The ongoing services we offer and the time savings for your office ensures TradeSchool software ROI.

From processing the initial applications of future apprentices to registering, paying for and tracking classes, keeping track of grades, test scores, attendance and certifications, to assigning employment with contractors and keeping track of work hours, and MUCH more, TradeSchool 5 provides the most robust software your training center cannot afford to do without!

Streamline Your Paper Trails

Creating customized correspondence is effortless with TradeSchool's versatile correspondence framework. Generate beautifully formatted blast e-mails to selected groups, as well as innumerable letter templates and labels for mass mailings. All correspondence is designed by you through our word processing window by conveniently selecting the information you need via merge fields from your TradeSchool database. Enjoy creating, printing, sending, and most importantly, posting to an individual's correspondence history solely from your desktop computer! Less paper equals more efficiency.

Customize your TradeSchool Software to Fit Your Needs

With TradeSchool's flexible settings module, your database can be custom-designed to function according to your operating specifications. Decide upon fields and headers, specify default settings, values, and choose preferences that will determine how your information automates and generates.

Custom Reporting Capabilities Are Inspiring, Intuitive and Limitless!

Using drag and drop design tools, including text objects, lines, bar graphs, charts, regular lettering and more, create a plethora of documents and reports with all the professional formatting and design features you desire. Build an unlimited number of columnar or list reports, and pull data from different areas of your database with no coding whatsoever. You're able to print, save as PDF's, attach to e-mails, export your data to Excel, and post a custom report into TradeSchool's new Document Management System.

"Automation" - The key ingredient for a full-service software

Report building and information management is effortless as TradeSchool offers a wonderful scripting language to fully automate your office, eliminating hours of labor intensive, manual, repetitive tasks. Similar to macros, create unlimited scripts, triggering them when you run a report. Schedule scripts to run on TradeSchool's server so batch processing, e-mailing, etc., can run daily, weekly or monthly according to your needs. With TradeSchool providing this full programming environment, creating scripts using "script-steps" is as easy as 1-2-3!

Charting and Graphing

Create scores of colorful charts and graphs on the fly, displaying and reporting data in professional, visually captivating ways! Bar charts, pi charts, scatter charts, line, area, columnar, or even bubble charts are fed via any area of the database which you specify. Dynamically create formulas and calculations that drive your charts, and put multiple charts all on the same report to increase the effectiveness of your presentations. Charting and graphing is a built in feature of TradeSchool 5!

Export to Multiple Formats

Great software doesn't work alone as an island, it is able to communicate with other systems, seamlessly importing and exporting data.

Begin by finding and sorting the data you need from your TradeSchool database, then export in any number of open standards, such as tab-delimited, CSV, XML and HTML, and even external FileMaker files where you can then create external application sets for advanced work with your data. This information can be imported into any application using open standard file formats.

TradeSchool Inc. is devoted to the service and satisfaction of our customers. We are dedicated to solving your software problems through custom design, on-sight training or phone and email support.