TradeSchool Apprenticeship Software

Track Unlimited Apprenticeship Programs

TradeSchool 2 is a robust apprenticeship tracking system capable of creating and tracking any type of program in any trade. This software was flexibly designed to accommodate any number of scenarios. Unlike other pieces of software that have rigid parameters that keep your data management and record keeping in a particular format, limiting your choices for who and what type of students and workers you will track, TradeSchool is fully customizable.

Track indentured or un-indentured apprentices for an unlimited number of Programs. Track construction workers and applicants who are not necessarily in your formal Trade Program, but are undertaking on-the-job assessments. You set the criteria and TradeSchool will automate the rest, enabling you to run reports, generate letters, track hours and grades, pay raises, evaluations, anything you need for whoever you enter into your database.

Job Assignments, Including Locations and Book Signatures

TradeSchool's Training Assignment History tracking system provides up-to-date information, enabling you to service your contractors with accuracy and professionalism. Quickly review employment history, job assignments and assessments, unemployment records and terminations, dates of unemployment book signings and various work history details. Turning out the best work force, and developing a reputation as a top-notch educational institution is imperative in growing your school and building a high quality industry. Staying on top of who and what you're providing your contractors will guarantee their satisfaction and ensure your school's success!

Advancements Tracking with Unlimited Pay Scales and Pay History

TradeSchool makes it easy to advance apprentices. Its intuitive Advancement tab shows all the relevant information needed to determine advancement eligibility, such as committee notes, penalties and infractions, classroom hours, grades, and on-the-job training hours. Program TradeSchool to create multiple pay-scales for any number of Programs. When advancing an apprentice, simply set the next pay period, and TradeSchool will automatically pull over the pay percentage, pay wage, and date of advancement, leaving you only to generate the customizable Advancement Letter which can be printed, e-mailed, and stored to an apprentice's correspondence history.

OJT Hours with Penalties, Comments, and Custom Formulas

Recording and tracking hours is a tedious and detail-oriented task. Having quick access to your apprentice's hours at all times is imperative. Avoid errors by using TradeSchool's custom formulas to do the calculating and cross-checking for you. Customize your own hour labels, change columns where labels are stored, create your own formulas, including contractor hours that you import to quickly spot any discrepancies. Track rotation information. Print unlimited reports based on hours, and do unlimited types of searches for varying hour criteria.

TradeSchool is a robust apprenticeship tracking system capable of managing data for any trade

For example electrical apprentices, culinary, pipe-fitters, brick layers, beauty or otherwise. This software is designed to facilitate a gamut of different trades by allowing user-friendly customization of information modules, tracking hours, pay grade raises, committee hearing, standing and advancement records. From indenturement, nonindentured, TradeSchool is completely flexible, allowing customizable tracking devices and fields set by you for your particular trade.

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