TradeSchool Advanced Training - April 27th-28th, San Antonio TX

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Where: South Texas Electrical JATC, 2503 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX  78212


This class is all about using the Web Services creating custom reports using FileMaker’s layout design tools and it’s powerful built-in scripting engine.

Web integration is what makes the TradeSchool platform so versatile and inclusive. For all modules the web portal can contain excellent utility for your team to integrate commonly requested data and provide custom forms for submitting updated or new data into your database.

TradeSchool is also built on the FileMaker Pro platform so you can use this simply powerful software to create custom reports that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac.

This class will delve deeply into the Web Services integration and FileMaker Pro’s built-in scripting abilities and teach you how to trigger common tasks that will save you countless hours every year.

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April 27th-28th, 2023
8:00AM - 4:00PM
Morning snacks, Lunch provided
Bring your own laptop
TradeSchool Demo provided


$1,499 Per Student
Students are required to bring their own laptop with FileMaker Pro 19 installed

Hotel Information

Class will be hosted at the South Texas Electrical JATC. For hotel bookings we recommend the Hilton Palacio Del Rio, but there are many options in the area.

Seats are limited - first come first serve.

Hilton Palacio Del Rio
200 South Alamo Street
San Antonio, TX 78205-3213
t: +210 270 0752 | f: 210 270 0796


Call 800-402-8773 to Register now!   -or- Register by Email

Class Outline

Day 1

  • Web Services Intro
    • General Controls    (Description of the main services and how to control them)
    • Login and Create Account    (Settings, flow and security)
  • Web Services
    • My Account    (Updating contact and license information)
    • Apprentice Services    (Work Report Submission)
    • Work Report Evaluations    (Working with Work Report submission evaluations)
    • Evaluation Requests    (Create contractor evaluation requests)
    • Apprentice Document Sharing    (Allowing apprentices to view and download documents)
    • Class Registration Schedule    (Posting classes for the online registration schedule system)
    • Class Apprentice Registration    (Pre registering apprentice for class so they can pay online)
    • Document Sharing for Classes    (Uploading and sharing documents for students)
    • Instructor Services    (Posting attendance and grades online)
    • Instructor Chat    (Using the chat room functionality for instructors, students and office)
    • Online Applications    (Setting up and flow of the online application system)
    • Applications Document Sharing    (Allowing applicants to upload documents)
    • Paperless Interviews    (Access documents, applications, transcripts during interviews and submitting interview scores)
    • Online Bill Pay    (Creating transactions for users to pay online)

Day 2

  • Custom Reports
    • Creating your first report    (Refresher on how to create a form view and list view report.)
    • Introduction to all Layout design tools    (Learn all of the tools in the Layout design mode and how each work and can best suit your needs)
    • Margins and lables    (Learn how to change margins and create adjustable columns and rows for working with labels)
    • Report Templates    (Review of FIleMaker’s built-in reporting wizards and templates)
    • Working with Table View    (Viewing dynamically with table view and exporting data)
    • Fnding data manually    (Review of Find mode and multi-request finds)
    • Omitting data and saving finds    (Save find feature and omitting data through commands and buttons)
    • Sorting records    (Review of working with the sort dialog, shortcuts to finding and sorting)
    • Work with related data    (How tables are organized and conntected)
  • Automating
    • Basic Scripting    (Learn to create a script and attach it to a layout to be auto-triggered)
    • Advanced Scripting    (More indepth automation through script writing)
  • In Depth Design
    • Conditional formatting    (Conditional coloring, alternating row design and hiding)
    • Custom Fields    (Creating custom calculations and setting them via scripts)

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