TradeSchool General Training - August 29th-31st, Valley View OH

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Where: Cleveland Electrical JATC, 9333 Sweet Valley Drive, Valley View, OH  44125


Learn how to track apprentices, applications, journeyman training, sales, outreach, certifications and contractors using TradeSchool Apprenticeship Software.

Learn how to integrate Web Services including: Online Applications, Online Apprentice Registration, Online Instructor Services, Online Monthly Hours, Mobile Access, and much more.

Whether new or experienced with TradeSchool, this class will give you tools to maximize the use of your TradeSchool software and increasing productivity in the work place.

This 3 day class curriculum covers: Software Overview, Web Services, Latest Features, Custom reports, and Graphing data.


August 29th-31st, 2022
8:00AM - 4:00PM
Morning snacks, Lunch provided
Bring your own laptop
TradeSchool Demo provided


$1,199 Per Student
Students are required to bring their own laptop with FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced installed

Hotel Information

Class will be hosted at the Cleveland Electrical JATC. For hotel bookings please see the Embassy Suites located near the JATC.

Rooms are limited - first come first serve.

Embassy Suites by Hilton Cleveland Rockside
5800 Rockside Woods Boulevard
Independence, OH 44131


Call 800-402-8773 to Register now!   -or- Register by Email

Class Outline

Day 1

  • Overview
    • TradeSchool Modules    (Description and usage explanation of the 7 modules)
    • New TradeSchool Features    (Description and demonstration of new features recently added to the TradeSchool database)
    • New Web Services Features    (Description and demonstration of new features recently added to the Web Services)
    • Support and Documentation    (Overview of support resources, including Videos, TradeSchool Help Documentation, FileMaker Books and Training)
    • Introduction: TradeSchool Platform    (Components of the TradeSchool platform and their specific functions: Server, Pro, Web Services, Maintenance and Support, Version History)
    • Reporting    (Working with Built-In reports)
  • Navigation
    • Heads up Display    (Found Set and Browsing records)
    • Views    (Form and List)
    • Portals    (On Click drilling down)
    • Jumping    (Moving between modules to reveal related records)
    • FileMaker Modes    (Browse, Find, Preview, Layout)
  • Settings
    • General Settings    (Users, Training, Contractor and Reporting)
    • Application    (Description of application module settings)
    • Apprentice    (Description of apprentice module settings)
    • Sales    (Description of sales modules settings)
    • Web Services    (Description of Web Services settings)
  • Finding Records
    • Find Mode    (Find mode, Quick Find, Find Matching Records)
    • Multiple Fields    (Logical AND)
    • Searching Portals    (Any ROW matching ALL columns [portal fields])
    • Sorting Records    (Sort Dialog, Quick Sorting)
    • Saving Finds    (Saving, Naming, Editing and loosing (with updates) saved finds)
    • Omitting Records    (Manual Omit, Finding Omitted (swapping), Omit option in Find Requests)
  • Advanced Find Topics
    • Find Requests    (Working with multiple find requests and their order of operation)
    • Constraining    (Constraining Found Sets)
    • Extending    (Extending Found Sets)
    • Searching in Built-In reports    (Browsing, Finding and Sorting within Built-In reports)

Day 2

  • Review
    • Find Requests, Omitting, Saving    (Review of basic and advanced Find topics)
  • Intro Custom Reports
    • Creating Reports    (Layout names and Table context)
    • Working with Views    (Form, List and Table)
    • Working with Layout Parts    (Header, Body, Summary, Title(s) and Footer)
    • Working with Fields    (Field tool(s), Field Picker, Field formatting, Text tool and Labels)
  • Custom Report Tools
    • Layout Tools    (Lines, Objects, Web Viewers, Tabs, Tabs with Sliders)
    • Portals    (Relationships and Portal Settings)
    • Buttons    (Button Actions and Popovers)
  • Web Services
    • Member Access    (Logging in, resetting passwords, creating accounts)
    • My Accounts    (Demographics, Certification, CEU History and Certificates, Web Invoices, Resume Builder)
    • Apprentice    (Office message, Overview, Employment, Hours, Classes)
    • Monthly OJT Hours    (View Only, Submitting with or without supervisor, Online Evaluations)
    • Instructor    (Access Controls and Defaults)
    • Online Applications    (Enabling, Payments, Access, Time limits, Windows, Creation Steps, Completion Steps, Printing)
  • Correspondence
    • Letters    (Templates, Merge Fields, Full Window, Preview, Posting to History, Headers)
    • Labels    (Formatting and Printing)
    • Emails    (Batch Emails, Fields, Formatting, Monitoring)

Day 3

  • Review
    • Review of Day 2 Topics    (Creating Custom Reports, Web Services, Corresopndence)
  • Advanced Custom Reports
    • Conditional Formating    (Conditions, Format Options, Order of Operation)
    • Conditional Hiding    (New hiding feature in FileMaker Pro 13)
    • Sub Summary Reports    (Summary parts, nested summaries, aggregate totals)
    • Introduction to Scripts    (Script Manager, Script Steps, onLayoutLoad script trigger)
    • Exporting and Window Management    (Scripted exports and file paths, zoom and preview window)
    • Introduction to Graphing    (Pie charts, Bar graphs)
    • Introduction to Custom Report Formulas    (Building your own custom formulas, displaying the result field in a report)

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