TradeSchool Advanced Training - September 1st-2nd, Valley View OH

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Where: Cleveland Electrical JATC, 9333 Sweet Valley Drive, Valley View, OH  44125


This class is all about creating custom reports using FileMaker’s layout design tools and it’s powerful built-in scripting engine.

TradeSchool is built on the FileMaker Pro platform so you can use this simply powerful software to create custom reports that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac.

Use flexible design tools to make your layouts look and work just the way you want — without extensive development experience or IT skills.

This class will delve deeply into FileMaker Pro’s built-in scripting abilities and teach you how to trigger common tasks that will save you countless hours every year.

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September 1st-2nd, 2022
8:00AM - 4:00PM
Morning snacks, Lunch provided
Bring your own laptop
TradeSchool Demo provided


$999 Per Student
Students are required to bring their own laptop with FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced installed

Hotel Information

Class will be hosted at the Cleveland Electrical JATC. For hotel bookings please contact the Embassy Suites located near the JATC.

Rooms are limited - first come first serve.

Embassy Suites by Hilton Cleveland Rockside
5800 Rockside Woods Boulevard
Independence, OH 44131


Call 800-402-8773 to Register now!   -or- Register by Email

Class Outline

Day 1

  • Custom Reports Review
    • Creating your first report    (Refresher on how to create a form view and list view report.)
    • Introduction to all Layout design tools    (Learn all of the tools in the Layout design mode and how each work and can best suit your needs)
    • Margins and lables    (Learn how to change margins and create adjustable columns and rows for working with labels)
    • Report Templates    (Review of FIleMaker’s built-in reporting wizards and templates)
    • Working with Table View    (Viewing dynamically with table view and exporting data)
    • Fnding data manually    (Review of Find mode and multi-request finds)
    • Omitting data and saving finds    (Save find feature and omitting data through commands and buttons)
    • Sorting records    (Review of working with the sort dialog, shortcuts to finding and sorting)
    • Basic Scripting    (Learn to create a script and attach it to a layout to be auto-triggered)
    • Work with related data    (How tables are organized and conntected)
    • Grouping data with Sub Summaries    (Creating multiple break fields for grouping data, summarizing totals and breaking pages)

Day 2

  • In Depth Design
    • Exporting data    (Setting paths and exporting data automatically)
    • Scripting finds in detail    (Scripting finds, constrains, extends and omits)
    • Building charts    (Chart objects and summary data)
    • Storing reports into the DMS    (Clicking a button to automatically output a letter or report and store in the Document Management System)
    • Sending Emails    (Configure to send emails using gmail)
    • Email documents    (Output PDFs and email as attachments or use Google Docs to share and email links)
    • Conditional formatting    (Conditional coloring, alternating row design and hiding)
    • Custom Fields    (Creating custom calculations and setting them via scripts)
    • Multi-page PDF reports    (Create multiple page pdf reports combining data from different layouts)

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